• Hopper~Stack Hopper~Stack
    We created Hopper~Stack as a mechanism for
    anyone wishing to deploy or learn OpenStack.

    As well as deploying the standard OpenStack
    services, Hopper~Stack also allows for the
    installation and configuration of optional
    support services.

    All scripts are licensed under Apache 2.0 and
    we therefore request that our work, identity
    and recognition remains with Hopper~Stack.
  • Hosting Capabilities
    We believe our design and implementation is of
    enterprise grade and can be deployed on many
    servers to produce a high quality OpenStack

    We have tested against many things from laptops
    to high-end servers to public clouds such as
    Amazon or physical servers in IBM Softlayer.
  • Deploying OpenStack
    Our primary goal for now is to produce high
    quality software capable of delivering an
    OpenStack enviroment and optional management
    or support services and to freely distribute
    those scripts to the world.

    We do not provide any pre-packaged software
    or licenses for software, we just provide the
    code for installing what we consider best-of-breed software
  • Meet Cody
    We decided on Hopper~Stack by basing it on the
    Rockhopper penguin, known for jumping from rock
    to rock.

    Cody was the name given by my children.

    We obviously chose the penguin to keep ourselves
    aligned with the legendary Tux mascot of the
    Linux kernel.

Welcome to Hopper~Stack

Hopper~Stack provides a full automated installation of the core OpenStack components such as Glance image repository, Neutron network, Nova compute, Horizon dashboard, Swift object-store and Cinder block-storage. Hopper~Stack also automates the installation and configuration of optionally selected and what the author considers, 'best of breed' support services.

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Hopper~Stack provides organisations the ability to deploy a fully automated enterprise grade Cloud platform/solution. The technology at the core of Hopper~Stack is based on OpenStack along with optionally installable (Open Source based) management services to enable run and maintain services such as monitoring, patching, AV etc.
Hopper~Stack was and is designed to keep up-to-date with the fast paced release of OpenStack which currently stands at 6 months. Understanding,installating and configuring OpenStack can be daunting and very complex for the best of engineers but with Hopper~Stack this is made easy, thus enabling organisations a simple, quick and efficient method of implementing their own OpenStack environments free of charge!

With an aggressive OpenStack release period of 6 months, Hopper~Stack provides BOTH a minimal and advanced installation using standard Linux BASH-Shell scripts to help organisations understand how to build simple or complex environments. The associated codeis freely available. All we ask is for you to like us on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to us on YouTube providing us the encourgagement to keep producing Hopper~Stack.